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Our History and Philosophy

Continental Sweets and Bakers started it’s operation in the year 2001 with a small rented outlet and factory with a total work force of fifteen, which consisted of three sales personnel and the remaining factory workers.

The partners had two philosophies which ultimately lead to success of the company. Firstly to provided quality products using the best available raw materials and secondly reliance on the ability of experienced chefs who had gained worked with several other companies in the same industry.

Following the above mentioned philosophies started reaping fruits and the company grew to incorporate a staff of 150 people with a three story factory and three branches. Continental bakers became synonymous to quality and till this date it is one of the few remaining companies which makes cookies in hundred percent butter and the traditional sweets in desi ghee while the majority of the market uses margarine and banaspati.

Our Vision

To upgrade and align the bakeries of Pakistan to the match and even surpass the standards of the bakeries of the west.

Our Mission

To provide cost effective products to our customers in a timely manner without compromising the quality of the products or the ingredients used.

Our Positioning

For the the health aware masses, who previously did not have access to food items made with certified ingredients, Continentals Bakers provides cakes prepared in imported cream, biscuits prepared in pure butter, Fast food prepared with ISO certified ingredients and traditional Sweets prepared in pure Desi Ghee, unlike the current trend of using poor quality dairy cream, margarine instead of butter, low quality ingredients and saturated fats instead of pure desi Ghee.

Institutional Customers


Since its inception the company has been registered with the FBR and is a sales tax registered organization.

Other certifications include:

  • ISO 9001 Certification
  • Halal Certifications
  • HACCP (in process)
  • SFA licenses for all branches and factory
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